Personal Branding Photography 

Every company needs visual branding. It communicates to prospective clients exactly what it is that company does. Having good, clear imagery is essential for creating brochures, websites, and other marketing material that is essential to showing what it is you do. Having great group portraits and headshots shows the world what a great team you have. 

Let me come to your place of business and take care of all your photography needs. Not only can I do your whole team's headshots, but I will also capture your business in action. Whether it's showing you interacting with your clients, or using your tools to perform your craft, or showcasing your products you'll be sure that you will get more than enough images to show the world on brochures and your website what it is you do and how fantastic of a company you are. I can also throw in some architectural photography and show your storefront or some wide views of your business.

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Selected Company Profiles

Weiss Restaurant

Ellen Sherwood Designs

Artist Dane Carder