Photography Mentoring

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"As a busy college student with a photography business, I finally decided to upgrade my camera equipment and further my education. Through some research, I found Tina and made the drive from Memphis to Nashville for my one-on-one lesson. What I loved about Tina's lessons is they were personalized for my photography needs and she took time to explain everything to me in an easy and concise manner. I would recommend her to anyone looking to further their photography education without having to go to school for it. She's friendly, informative, and affordable."

                                                      Emma Unterberger-Portrait Photographer


Are you an aspiring photographer wanting to learn how to use your camera or lighting equipment? Or perhaps you’ve been a photographer for a while, but want to take your work to the next level?

I can help you achieve your goals!

In addition to being a professional portrait and events photographer, I am also a photography instructor. I teach at various colleges and universities in Nashville and give private mentoring sessions. I love sharing with people what I’ve learned from having a career in photography!

Structured classes at a college are great, but perhaps that’s not the right choice for you. Maybe because of a job or other requirements, your schedule doesn’t allow you to attend a class. Perhaps you don’t want to pay for a whole semester of classes.  Or maybe you want your education personalized just for you.

The great thing about mentoring is that you can create the curriculum you want. You can learn exactly what you want to learn about photography, when you want to learn it. You create your own schedule, and you learn at your pace. Often times, you will learn a lot more than you would in a group class because all the attention is on you and your learning.

Some topics that are covered:

 How to use your camera and lenses

Shooting and composition

Finding your own style

Lighting, flash and off-camera flash


Posing clients

Shooting events

Marketing and Business

Portfolio review


If you’d want to cover an aspect of photography that wasn’t listed above, then a curriculum can be developed for exactly what you’d like to learn.

A private two-hour, hands-on session is $150. These classes take place in Nashville. Portfolio reviews as well as marketing and business training can be done via Skype for $75 an hour. I have students all over the world that I teach via Skype, so it doesn’t matter where you live if you’d like to go that route.

If you know other people that would like to learn more about photography, then I am happy to set up a workshop! A workshop is 4 hours long and requires at least 5 attendees. The cost to attend is $150 per person and will focus on shooting techniques and posing. Of course the curriculum can be modified for what the group would like to learn.

Interested? Contact me and have a fun and productive time learning photography!