From corporate seminars to birthday parties, I'm the event photographer for you. Having a background in photojournalism allows me to capture events with the right mix of candid and posed shots to give you an accurate representation of the event. I will never interrupt the flow of the event, but will capture it as it naturally unfolds and will sense when is a good time to ask attendees to pose for the camera. When I deliver the photos, you will receive a mix of closeup shots which convey the details of the event, portraits of people interacting which show the event's energy, and wide shots which show the overall feel of the event. You won't be disappointed. 

Rates start at $150 an hour with a 2-hour minimum. After 4 hours, the rate drops to $125 an hour. I am happy to negotiate and offer a discount on multiple-day events.

Images are delivered in a high-resolution format with a quick turnaround. Standard editing and usage rights are included.

I also offer on-site headshot services for your event. Please contact me for details.

A second shooter is also available.

Want to custom design a package that fits the need of your event? Contact me and we can put together a package that does!

Nashville Event Photography



Individual Headshots

Whether you're an entrepreneur, musician, business owner, or just someone who needs a good picture of themselves, headshots are paramount in today's world. Visual branding is key to communicating to the world who you are, and your photograph often is the first impression that people have of you when seeing you online. A poorly-lit shot of you taken on your smart phone conveys to the world that you don't take yourself or what you do seriously, and this can have dire consequences to someone who is considering working with you. Invest in yourself, because you are worth it!

Individual headshots start at $249. Our session can last anywhere between 30 minutes and an hour and a half. We monitor the images as we shoot them and we don't call it a wrap until you are satisfied with the images. It is very important to me that I take a photograph of you that YOU are proud of showing and feel that represents who you are. We won't finish the photo session until you are happy! Photo shoots can include up to two wardrobe changes and come with 5 edited images. We can shoot in your location of your choice-whether it's your office, a favorite hang out of yours, or leave it up to me to find a great location! If you'd rather have a more corporate-feeling headshot with a standard gray background, we can make that happen too. I use both studio lighting and natural light, depending on the situation. Get your hair and makeup done by a professional stylist for an additional $100, makeup only-$65.

Feel free to contact me if you have any questions!



Company Headshots

Perhaps not only you,  but your whole team  needs headshots. Instead of sending out people to individually have their headshots taken, let me come to your company and photograph your team in the comfort of your working environment! The advantage is that no time is wasted setting up individual appointments with a photographer-all headshots can get done quickly and efficiently. Another plus is that you have the option of showing your workplace in the photographs. I am also happy to photograph your team against a solid gray background if a more corporate of a feel is desired. Or we can do a mixture of both, the choice if yours!

Prices start at $300 for two people, $430 for three people, $550 for four people, etc. I can photograph people individually but also together as a group, if you wish. Contact me and let me know how many people are on your team and I will be happy to quote you a price. 

Personal Branding

Full Branding Session

Book this Session to Take your Social Media

and Client Relationships to New Levels!

*Consultation to create Idea Boards to ensure that the right images will be created to effectively communicate to your client base.

*Wardrobe curation to help you find just the right look and Makeup and Hair Artist so you look your best.

*Headshots, product, storefront, environmental, whatever imagery you need in multiple locations to communicate what you do!

*Usage Rights of images.

*100+ Images sized for Instagram, Facebook and other social media as well as for print. Enough images to post on social media for 3 months!

*Social Media Coaching

Package starts at $1950

personal branding.jpg

Introductory Branding Session

Book this Session to give your Business a New Look!

This is ideal for those who want to try branding photography.

*Consultation to create Idea Boards to ensure that the right images will be created to effectively communicate with your target audience.

*Headshots, product, storefront, environmental, imagery in 1-2 locations so you can communicate what you do!

*Usage Rights of images.

*at least 30 Images sized for Instagram, Facebook and other social media as well as for print. Enough images to post on social media for 1 month!

Package starts at $850